Thorough communication is the best way to expedite our engagement. Whether you complete

my screening form or email me directly, please make sure that you include all requested

information with as much detail as possible. Doing so will minimize our dialogue and bring us

that much closer to our date.


Discreetness begins from the moment that you contact me. I have zero tolerance for explicit

messages or images and vulgar language at all times. After your screening process is complete,

I do not retain any of your personal information. During and after our engagement, you can

always be assured that privacy is paramount.

Respect &Timeliness

Though ours is the business of pleasure, it is still business and as a lady, I expect to be treated

with kindness, dignity and respect at all times. Scheduled appointments should be honored at all

times. Sometimes, traffic or extended meetings may get in the way and in that case, a courtesy

call is appreciated. When we are together, you will find that time is absent as we indulge in the

luxury of each other’s company without pressures from the outside world. Though cancelations

may occur, ample notice is expected. Unfashionable tardiness or abrupt cancelations are a

disappointment and will halt current and future contact.

Good hygiene is mandatory

A man who arrives freshly showered with clean breath sets the precedent for an unforgettable

date. There are times when you may be rushing and are regrettably unable to arrive with an

invigorating impression. In that case, I will accommodate you with personal amenities all within

the timeframe of our date.


When we meet in private, visibly place my consideration in an unsealed envelope. When we

meet in public, casually hand me with a greeting card, gift bag or magazine with my

consideration neatly tucked inside. Silence is more powerful than words. Consideration should

never be mentioned. Negotiation of rates or any type of illicit act is grounds for immediate

termination of our encounter.

Booking Quota

I prefer to see select clients which does not include crowding my schedule. This is why my time

fills quickly; waiting until I am in your area and scheduling last minute is generally unlikely

though cancelations do happen by chance.


If you would really like to get to know me in advance, please visit my TER reviews. I am thrilled

to receive your feedback in the form of a positive review and encourage you to do so!