“What you are talking about is desire, just brutal desire.” Blanche Dubois

What matters most are timeless memories that we create. The consummate gentleman does not negotiate consideration with a lady and realizes that it is exclusively for her time and companionship. He recognizes and appreciates the value of her company. This same gentleman has a classy demeanor and

leaves the topic of consideration unspoken. Any other approach would regrettably and abruptly end our engagement and the beautiful moments that we would otherwise share together.

Let’s keep our initial greeting as seamless and flowing as possible. An unsealed envelope containing my consideration is best placed in open view within the first few minutes of our acquaintance and always in the form of cash (a girl should never have to ask). Should we meet in public, nonchalantly hand me a gift bag, magazine or greeting card with my consideration discreetly tucked inside.



Should I have the pleasure of meeting with you for more than three hours, a 25% deposit is required.



There are times when things just don’t go our way and cancelation is a must. If requested within 48 hours, your deposit will be fully refunded and can be applied to a future date if re-scheduled within two months. Unfortunately, a deposit cannot be refunded a second time. If I must cancel which seldom happens, your deposit is 100% refundable.

Incall Only:

1 hour ~ $375
90 Min ~ $600
2 hours ~ $750
3 hours ~ $1,000

- Outcall: Add $100 -

Other Options:

4 Hour Dinner Date:


Overnight Decadent Escapade:



1 Hour Tryst with a Friend: