About Me

“What you are talking about is desire, just brutal desire.” Blanche Dubois

Think of me as an uncanny blend of sweetness, genuity and sophistication, a woman who is bold yet modest with an irresistible smile, accented by a touch of class. There’s nothing like watching football and hockey among other sports but I don’t otherwise like to play games with my suitors.


I prefer a man who is seasoned with maturity, drawn to a lady who is beyond the usual, naturally exceeding his expectations. Because I am drawn to in-depth interactions prone to lasting relationships, I tend to be selective about those to whom I devote my time.

Poise and composure definitely have their place but I must admit: I can’t resist a big, delicious kiss when I greet my partner! I care, maybe too much now and again but that quality does not make me a passivist. I’m exploding with energy and as a social person love to engage with

friends and acquaintances discussing politics, current events or just sharing a laugh.

You might be wondering where you’ll find me on any given evening. As an epicurean, chances are I’m frequenting one of my favorite restaurants whether I am local or traveling. Dining is at the top of my list as one of my favorite pastimes. I have a palate for fine cuisine, vintage wine and yes, a few sips of Crystal. What makes it all worthwhile? The sensuous pleasure of a like-minded gentleman at my side.

My style is classic, clean and simplistic accented by some fabulous accessories and always completed with a pair of spectacular heels. My figure is classically rubenesque and oh so feminine, toned, tanned and totally devoted to pleasure. I have an acute eye for detail and it shows in the delicate nuances of my lingerie, hugging and flattering my body in just the right places. My long, blonde hair is thick and luxurious and my vibrant, blue eyes will capture you

from our initial greeting.

Like a beautifully fragrant perfume that lingers after a woman has left, so shall the memories of

our engagement long after we’ve departed. Indelible remembrances, unable to be forgotten, will

surely lure us back together. I do look forward to hearing from you.